United States | 2014/15 Average Salary Survey

United States

Poll entries 14864
Average Salary ( polls, gross ) US$ 80,445
Average Salary ( polls, net ) US$ 59,585
Average Salary ( official, gross ) US$ 47,000


United States

GROSS salary ( including bonuses, benefits, etc. )
Director 09 Oct 2015 Bachelors Degree US$ 172,000 DETAILS
Hardware Engineer 09 Oct 2015 Bachelors Degree US$ 90,000 DETAILS
Manufacturing Worker 09 Oct 2015 High School US$ 41,381 DETAILS
Other Marketing Career 08 Oct 2015 Bachelors Degree US$ 24,000 DETAILS
Director 08 Oct 2015 Masters Degree US$ 240,000 DETAILS
Insurance Agent 08 Oct 2015 Some College US$ 82,500 DETAILS
Insurance Sales 08 Oct 2015 Bachelors Degree US$ 110,000 DETAILS
Technical Manager 07 Oct 2015 Masters Degree US$ 200,000 DETAILS
Banks 07 Oct 2015 Masters Degree US$ 78,600 DETAILS
Special Education Teacher 07 Oct 2015 Masters Degree US$ 56,000 DETAILS
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NOTE: Data for surveys are calculated from added polls on this site. High percentage of visitors have Bachelors / Master degree education. This results with higher average salary than statistics for entire population. All surveys are shown dynamically and are changing constantly with the new entries.


United States

  • The most frequent salary range is US$ 43,622
  • 17.01 % earn more than US$ 122,216
  • 48.06 % earn more than US$ 73,410
  • 71.01 % earn more than US$ 52,912
15K 83 0.56 % US$ 16,930 100 %
25K 839 5.64 % US$ 24,449 99.44 %
35K 1505 10.13 % US$ 33,827 93.80 %
45K 1882 12.66 % US$ 43,622 83.67 %
55K 1828 12.30 % US$ 52,912 71.01 %
65K 1584 10.66 % US$ 63,245 58.71 %
75K 1321 8.89 % US$ 73,410 48.06 %
85K 1126 7.58 % US$ 83,047 39.17 %
95K 791 5.32 % US$ 93,066 31.59 %
105K 930 6.26 % US$ 101,927 26.27 %
115K 447 3.01 % US$ 112,931 20.01 %
125K 558 3.75 % US$ 122,216 17.01 %
135K 304 2.05 % US$ 132,294 13.25 %
145K 242 1.63 % US$ 142,189 11.21 %
155K 338 2.27 % US$ 151,254 9.58 %
165K 158 1.06 % US$ 162,518 7.31 %
175K 114 0.77 % US$ 173,535 6.24 %
185K 119 0.80 % US$ 182,231 5.48 %
195K 54 0.36 % US$ 192,753 4.68 %
205K 175 1.18 % US$ 200,381 4.31 %
More 466 3.14 % US$ 274,606 3.14 %


United States
2015 2305 US$ 90,384
2014 4199 US$ 85,728
2013 1895 US$ 80,781
2012 2497 US$ 79,823
2011 3968 US$ 69,312


United States
Male 6922 US$ 93,574
Female 3818 US$ 68,346
N/A 4124 US$ 69,610


United States
Doctorate Degree 793 US$ 134,191
Masters Degree 3128 US$ 99,185
Bachelors Degree 6008 US$ 78,935
Some College 3568 US$ 63,835
High School 1189 US$ 56,171
Bellow H. School 178 US$ 57,726


United States
20+ Years 3544 US$ 109,976
16-20 Years 1423 US$ 95,481
12-16 Years 1690 US$ 90,260
8-12 Years 2169 US$ 78,712
4-8 Years 2254 US$ 66,341
2-4 Years 1555 US$ 56,397
1-2 Years 964 US$ 51,003
0-1 Year 1265 US$ 47,786


United States
More 23 US$ 97,389
69-74 84 US$ 101,596
63-68 304 US$ 108,311
57-62 791 US$ 105,158
51-56 1280 US$ 102,567
45-50 1765 US$ 99,988
39-44 1662 US$ 92,157
33-38 1691 US$ 80,524
27-32 1752 US$ 65,816
22-26 1015 US$ 51,125
16-21 343 US$ 44,317
Less 28 US$ 76,560
N/A 4126 US$ 69,610


United States
Engineers & Technicians V 232 US$ 118,778 SHOW
Management & Business 2059 US$ 106,257 SHOW
Law 338 US$ 95,546 SHOW
Finance & Banking 697 US$ 94,491 SHOW
IT & Telecommunication II 759 US$ 89,380 SHOW
Engineers & Technicians IV 127 US$ 89,257 SHOW
Properties & Real Estates 142 US$ 87,515 SHOW
Health Care & Medical II 607 US$ 85,657 SHOW
Health Care & Medical 728 US$ 85,546 SHOW
IT & Telecommunication 1065 US$ 85,530 SHOW
Engineers & Technicians 630 US$ 79,984 SHOW
Salesmen & Saleswomen 362 US$ 79,294 SHOW
Marketing, Sales, Purchase 667 US$ 78,561 SHOW
Human Resources 599 US$ 77,634 SHOW
Military 146 US$ 77,215 SHOW
Insurance 318 US$ 73,900 SHOW
Architect Constructions 179 US$ 73,402 SHOW
Construction & Labor Workers 445 US$ 72,650 SHOW
Automobile 146 US$ 72,190 SHOW
Public Sector 321 US$ 68,654 SHOW
Security & Fireguard 132 US$ 68,577 SHOW
Logistics, Road, Railway 243 US$ 67,223 SHOW
Media 173 US$ 66,296 SHOW
Education & University 651 US$ 64,243 SHOW
Accounting & Administration 1168 US$ 62,679 SHOW
Manufacturing & Labor Workers 346 US$ 59,316 SHOW
Making Design 161 US$ 58,272 SHOW
Organization & Coordination 204 US$ 51,049 SHOW
Customer Services 392 US$ 47,046 SHOW
Restaurants, Inns, Pubs 207 US$ 45,675 SHOW


United States
CEO 134 US$ 176,648 SHOW
Director 298 US$ 149,809 SHOW
General Manager 153 US$ 122,572 SHOW
Lawyer 103 US$ 121,509 SHOW
Other Engineer Career 219 US$ 119,404 SHOW
CPA - Certified Public Accountant 106 US$ 108,866 SHOW
Software Engineer 166 US$ 102,118 SHOW
IT Manager 206 US$ 101,842 SHOW
IT Project Manager 128 US$ 98,871 SHOW
Manager 367 US$ 96,839 SHOW
Project Manager 164 US$ 91,793 SHOW
Operations Manager 161 US$ 89,745 SHOW
Human Resources Manager 286 US$ 88,647 SHOW
Other Management Career 149 US$ 84,633 SHOW
Healthcare Management 133 US$ 83,390 SHOW
Software Developer 166 US$ 82,957 SHOW
Other Finance Career 106 US$ 82,711 SHOW
Financial Analyst 125 US$ 80,946 SHOW
Salesmen or Saleswomen 128 US$ 79,624 SHOW
Engineer 147 US$ 79,095 SHOW
Other Human Resource Career 106 US$ 78,464 SHOW
Other Public Sector Career 201 US$ 70,990 SHOW
Registered Nurse 129 US$ 70,333 SHOW
Mechanical Engineer 108 US$ 67,693 SHOW
Other Medical Career 133 US$ 66,683 SHOW
Teacher 107 US$ 59,035 SHOW
Accountant 130 US$ 58,092 SHOW
Other Education Career 111 US$ 56,957 SHOW
Other Service Career 114 US$ 45,543 SHOW
Administrative Assistant 115 US$ 37,213 SHOW


United States
Permanent 13050 US$ 80,497
Contract 681 US$ 79,805
Self Employed 621 US$ 106,492
Part Time 512 US$ 48,377


United States
San Francisco 481 US$ 105,461 SHOW
New York City 793 US$ 97,444 SHOW
Washington DC 417 US$ 92,763 SHOW
Miami 179 US$ 92,655 SHOW
Houston 490 US$ 91,641 SHOW
Seattle 339 US$ 91,599 SHOW
Fort Worth 83 US$ 89,058 SHOW
Boston 420 US$ 88,501 SHOW
Los Angeles 574 US$ 88,173 SHOW
San Diego 224 US$ 86,152 SHOW
Chicago 551 US$ 86,075 SHOW
Austin 160 US$ 85,015 SHOW
Cincinnati 146 US$ 84,708 SHOW
Detroit 294 US$ 84,318 SHOW
Newark 130 US$ 83,965 SHOW
Dallas 362 US$ 83,690 SHOW
Pittsburgh 168 US$ 82,007 SHOW
Atlanta 404 US$ 81,984 SHOW
Denver 276 US$ 80,875 SHOW
Raleigh 129 US$ 80,818 SHOW
Las Vegas 108 US$ 79,857 SHOW
Tampa 196 US$ 79,606 SHOW
Philadelphia 346 US$ 79,203 SHOW
Charlotte 186 US$ 79,142 SHOW
Phoenix 216 US$ 78,466 SHOW
Buffalo, United States 81 US$ 78,314 SHOW
Sacramento 140 US$ 77,721 SHOW
Fort Lauderdale 106 US$ 76,960 SHOW
Baltimore 196 US$ 75,885 SHOW
Minneapolis 253 US$ 75,650 SHOW
Cleveland 143 US$ 74,984 SHOW
Orlando 171 US$ 74,399 SHOW
Richmond 101 US$ 73,969 SHOW
Kansas City 174 US$ 73,560 SHOW
Portland, Oregon 158 US$ 73,287 SHOW
New Orleans 80 US$ 72,502 SHOW
Albuquerque 79 US$ 71,195 SHOW
Milwaukee 155 US$ 70,480 SHOW
Des Moines 84 US$ 70,152 SHOW
San Antonio 122 US$ 69,803 SHOW
Birmingham, United States 75 US$ 69,297 SHOW
Honolulu 75 US$ 69,100 SHOW
Nashville 117 US$ 68,981 SHOW
Rochester 90 US$ 68,829 SHOW
Oklahoma City 96 US$ 67,812 SHOW
Columbus 162 US$ 67,729 SHOW
St. Louis 174 US$ 67,454 SHOW
Salt Lake City 226 US$ 67,258 SHOW
Indianapolis 168 US$ 64,603 SHOW
Grand Rapids 90 US$ 64,094 SHOW


New York State 967 US$ 93,119 SHOW
District Of Columbia (DC) 417 US$ 92,763 SHOW
California 1869 US$ 90,232 SHOW
Massachusetts 453 US$ 86,945 SHOW
Washington State 443 US$ 86,151 SHOW
Illinois 551 US$ 86,075 SHOW
Connecticut 80 US$ 86,024 SHOW
Rhode Island 41 US$ 85,954 SHOW
Texas 1414 US$ 85,121 SHOW
Alaska 56 US$ 83,913 SHOW
New Jersey 178 US$ 83,899 SHOW
Nevada 129 US$ 82,658 SHOW
Georgia 441 US$ 82,160 SHOW
Colorado 352 US$ 81,746 SHOW
Florida 699 US$ 80,242 SHOW
Pennsylvania 514 US$ 80,119 SHOW
Michigan 384 US$ 79,578 SHOW
North Carolina 429 US$ 78,100 SHOW
Minnesota 297 US$ 77,400 SHOW
Arizona 319 US$ 76,557 SHOW
Delaware 35 US$ 76,377 SHOW
Vermont 20 US$ 76,123 SHOW
Maryland 196 US$ 75,885 SHOW
West Virginia 40 US$ 75,065 SHOW
Alabama 164 US$ 74,544 SHOW
Virginia 202 US$ 74,223 SHOW
Oregon 158 US$ 73,287 SHOW
Ohio 555 US$ 73,172 SHOW
Kansas 54 US$ 72,610 SHOW
Wyoming 15 US$ 71,946 SHOW
New Mexico 79 US$ 71,195 SHOW
Louisiana 175 US$ 71,162 SHOW
Montana 35 US$ 71,116 SHOW
N/A 962 US$ 71,113 SHOW
Missouri 348 US$ 70,507 SHOW
Tennessee 239 US$ 70,175 SHOW
Iowa 84 US$ 70,152 SHOW
Hawaii 75 US$ 69,100 SHOW
Wisconsin 227 US$ 68,905 SHOW
South Carolina 74 US$ 67,998 SHOW
New Hampshire 35 US$ 67,348 SHOW
Utah 226 US$ 67,258 SHOW
Mississippi 50 US$ 66,338 SHOW
Arkansas 70 US$ 65,835 SHOW
Oklahoma 146 US$ 65,303 SHOW
Idaho 58 US$ 64,668 SHOW
Nebraska 75 US$ 64,147 SHOW
Indiana 196 US$ 62,733 SHOW
North Dakota 46 US$ 61,609 SHOW
Maine 47 US$ 60,777 SHOW
Kentucky 120 US$ 60,674 SHOW
South Dakota 25 US$ 48,497 SHOW


United Kingdom 2518 GBP 48,763 US$ 74,506 SHOW
Australia 1980 AU$ 93,369 US$ 72,899 SHOW
Canada 3730 CA$ 74,560 US$ 59,562 SHOW
Mexico 218 MXN 730,546 US$ 48,856 SHOW
China 1524 CNY 281,250 US$ 45,031 SHOW
Russia 640 RUB 1,507,258 US$ 22,775 SHOW
India 4412 INR 1,060,262 US$ 17,070 SHOW


United States

The most frequent salary ranges in the US are from 45K to 55K. The 28% of employees earn from 40K to 60K. About 18% earn below the 45K per annual.

Please note that data are extracted from our salary polls and those salaries are higher than for entire population. People who added their polls are mostly high educated.

Average salaries in the United States are among highest in the world. They are not as high as in Switzerland, Norway, Kuwait, Australia, and in some other countries, but still close to them. Very similar salaries are in Germany and Sweden. Salaries in United Kingdom are slightly lower.

You can find salary details for each country on Salaries by countries or check Salaries in EU.

If you compare states, the highest incomes are in Massachusetts, New York State, District Of Columbia (DC), and California all exceeding $82,000 per annual. Employees in Texas receive about $77,500. Average incomes in Florida are $75,000. Average salaries in Michigan and Pennsylvania are $73,000 per annual.

By far most paid US city is San Francisco, with average salary about $100,000 per annual. The second largest salaries are in New York City, Washington DC, and Boston, all from $87,000 to $88,000 per annual.


United States

Account Manager I am a student of Accounting. read study self-text repeat US$ 50,000 DETAILS
Accountant tax preparer, general ledger accounting, bank reconciliations, oversaw accounting staff in every detail of accounting for a non-profit agency for federal and state grants. Manage low income properties. US$ 32,000 DETAILS
Accountant Manage accounts receivable, accounts payable and all HR activities for my company. US$ 49,000 DETAILS
Accountant Executive Accounting manager insurance company publicly traded 250 M revenue & 75M net income US$ 85,000 DETAILS
Architect I'm an architectural designer dude. US$ 44,500 DETAILS
Architect permit submittal/code review, interior space planning US$ 85,000 DETAILS
Architect Industrial architecture - assuring code compliance, lifesafety, accessibility and fire-safety protection of large scale agricultural/industrial buildings, offices and accessory buildings. US$ 72,000 DETAILS
Architect unable to list due to company restrictions of our LLC guidelines US$ 240,000 DETAILS
Architect principal at a firm in Charleston SC US$ 125,000 DETAILS
Artist Musician, drummer, music producer US$ 55,000 DETAILS
ASP.NET Developer Devloping web sites with mvc 4, c# US$ 70,000 DETAILS
ASP.NET Developer Developing in ASP.NET, C#, MVC4, MSSQL Server. US$ 74,000 DETAILS
Banks Senior Claims Specialist. Team Lead in Claim and Fraud Department. Review Online and Telephone Claims regarding Consumer and Business Banking for a Big International Bank. US$ 78,600 DETAILS
Banks Compliance officer for wealth management group of bank US$ 105,000 DETAILS
Big Constructions Architect Site supervisor, tech design lead, code review, space & facilities management US$ 80,000 DETAILS
Biomedical Engineer data analysis, software development US$ 150,000 DETAILS
Business Administration placing orders for telecommunications products and services. add new or changing existing telecom plans and services in carrier system. US$ 40,000 DETAILS
Business Development Manager Manage the export sales of beer in Central America US$ 140,000 DETAILS
Business Development Manager Know every industry the company plans on pursuing new ventures. US$ 30,000 DETAILS
Business Manager Plant manager for packaging company in Kentucky. US$ 105,000 DETAILS
C, C++ Developer Maintain, modify, expand 100,000+ lines of code. US$ 57,000 DETAILS
Call Center Make calls to customers to resolve issues or concerns. Assist customers with services that are ordered US$ 35,000 DETAILS
Car Mechanic Work on cars, anything from oil changes to rebuilding motors. US$ 62,000 DETAILS
CEO general management of industrial laser equipment manufacturing business US$ 250,000 DETAILS
CEO My main tasks in my company are to make sure everyone is happy and to make sure we are making enough money to survive. I also manage the financial aspects of the company and set wages and benefits for all workers. US$ 61,000 DETAILS
Chemical Engineer Project management, coordination and logistics, budgeting US$ 50,000 DETAILS
Civil Engineer Project manager overseeing design and construction projects. US$ 98,000 DETAILS
Clinical Coordinator Data analysis and modeling - Pharmacokineticist US$ 100,000 DETAILS
CNC Programmer Programming cnc machines for aerospace US$ 52,000 DETAILS
College Administrator Manage all student services; supervise areas ranging from student health center to housing. US$ 150,000 DETAILS
Commercial Real Estate Overall P&L responsibility Company oversight/future vision US$ 187,000 DETAILS
Computer Architect code reviews. Design architecture. Peer programming US$ 105,000 DETAILS
Construction Labor Worker I nail things together with a nail gun. I frame homes, build decks, and remold homes. US$ 100,000 DETAILS
Construction Manager Manage business operations and sales US$ 65,000 DETAILS
Construction Project Manager Project Management at construction site US$ 116,000 DETAILS
Construction Project Manager Cost Estimating Manager, Supervisor, Trainer. US$ 96,000 DETAILS
Cook cook at a shack on the side of the road it sucks US$ 47,788 DETAILS
Coordinator provide coordination support to ops US$ 42,000 DETAILS
CPA - Certified Public Accountant Certified public accountant owner US$ 125,000 DETAILS
CPA - Certified Public Accountant Financial Analyst for Non Profit Company $390Million annual revenue US$ 130,000 DETAILS
C-Sharp Developer Architecture, development, testing, troubleshooting. US$ 100,000 DETAILS
Customer Service Manager Answer calls, data entry payroll, AP US$ 40,000 DETAILS
Customer Service Manager take care of customers, manage crew, handle money. US$ 30,000 DETAILS
Dance Teacher I teach dance class to children US$ 35,000 DETAILS
Delphi Developer Software devlopement in Delphi language US$ 85,000 DETAILS
Dental Office Manager financial arrangements with patients, clerical, coordination with specialists, systems management, meetings, etc. US$ 53,500 DETAILS
Detective Investigate crimes against state penal code US$ 101,000 DETAILS
Director New business targets. Operational implementation US$ 240,000 DETAILS
Director manager of IT folks in Chicago US$ 170,000 DETAILS
Director Setting estimating and pricing policies and procedures. Pricing large government solicitations. Writing cost narratives. Managing pricing department. Contract reviews. US$ 165,000 DETAILS
Director Non Profit Executive Director in Shelby NC (Rural area west of Charlotte). Responsible for leadership development, program management, fiscal management, partnership development, resource development, marketing and all other aspects of the oversight, growth and development of the program. US$ 47,250 DETAILS
Doctor physician and administrator in hospital US$ 185,000 DETAILS
Doctor practitioner veterinary mixed nutrition US$ 45,000 DETAILS
Doctor Specialist Provide Anesthesia for various surgeries in a hospital US$ 400,000 DETAILS
Electrical Engineer Lead a group of engineers Write specifications Set product direction US$ 200,000 DETAILS
Electrical Technician Lead electrical / mechanical industrial maintenance US$ 80,000 DETAILS
Elementary School Teacher ESL Elementary teacher. Responsible for teaching all subject areas. US$ 64,000 DETAILS
Engineer Broadcast Engineer-Television and Radio US$ 60,000 DETAILS
Engineer process improvement, new product development, application specialist, manage equipment, manage inventory, trainer US$ 66,000 DETAILS
Engineering Manager develop new work and proposals, manage daily operations US$ 125,000 DETAILS
Executive Secretary Word Processing, Filing, Customer Service, Appointments, Liason with outside organizations, Data compilation US$ 42,000 DETAILS
Farmer Raising grain crops and cattle. US$ 95,000 DETAILS
Film Producer I currently work and edit films for independent companies US$ 90,000 DETAILS
Finance Manager This is crap. why did you do this? Can I just see the info now. US$ 170,000 DETAILS
Financial Adviser Entry level at a large brokerage house US$ 51,000 DETAILS
Financial Analyst Spreadsheet and financial forecasting US$ 100,000 DETAILS
Flight Attendant flight attendant...flying to different cities in the world to take care of passengers' safety in the flight and feed them food and beverages. US$ 70,000 DETAILS
Forensic Psychologist creating programs for offenders US$ 53,000 DETAILS
Forester Evaluate forest stands for harvest and write environmental documents to facilitate harvest US$ 86,000 DETAILS
General Manager Business Owner. Distribution and Wholesale US$ 190,000 DETAILS
General Manager retail general manager 200 direct reports US$ 115,000 DETAILS
General Manager management, administration, budgeting, supervision US$ 250,000 DETAILS
Healthcare Management Pharmacy Technician at CVS pharmacy producing and selling drugs. US$ 20,000 DETAILS
Healthcare Management Education in health care to train staff US$ 81,000 DETAILS
Human Resource Administrator International Compensation, Stock Plan Administration US$ 64,500 DETAILS
Human Resource Administrator Payroll, manufacturing data, benefits, salary analysis, people planning, human resources US$ 55,000 DETAILS
Human Resource Hunter Recruiting and talent management US$ 92,000 DETAILS
Human Resources Manager Recruitment, benefits administration, compliance, implement policy and procedure, compensation, performance management US$ 70,000 DETAILS
Human Resources Manager nonprofit executive director responsible for all fundraising, volunteers, and program services US$ 52,362 DETAILS
Human Resources Manager Responsible for all for all areas of Human Resources. US$ 66,000 DETAILS
Human Resources Manager oversee all of hr function including recruiting, benefits, compensation, employee relations US$ 135,000 DETAILS
Human Resources Manager Director of Human Resources Daily management of all hr related issues, budgets, US$ 70,000 DETAILS
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Engineer Lead Heavy vehicle braking system engieering US$ 72,000 DETAILS
Inside Sales I do telesales for a leading outdoor cooking company. US$ 33,400 DETAILS
Insurance Agent Account Executive -Field Representative Commercial Insurance Sales Energy Utility Industry. US$ 82,500 DETAILS
Insurance Agent Captive agent in insurance sales US$ 75,000 DETAILS
Insurance Broker Independent Insurance Broker for supplemental benefits US$ 45,000 DETAILS
Insurance Sales Financial Advisor, Insurance sales, Benefits and small business focus. US$ 110,000 DETAILS
IT Manager Project, program, and people management. US$ 165,000 DETAILS
IT Manager Oversee all systems administration, servers, virtualization, users training. US$ 100,000 DETAILS
IT Manager manage application systems manage business analysts manage projects US$ 160,000 DETAILS
IT Manager accomplishes information technology staff results by communicating job expectation; planning, monitoring, and appraising jobs US$ 33,000 DETAILS
IT Manager Business Intelligence, Analytics and datawarehouseing US$ 97,000 DETAILS
IT Project Manager Development Manager, in charge of a group of developers US$ 103,000 DETAILS
IT Project Manager Managing group of C# developers, supervising their work etc. US$ 120,000 DETAILS
Journalist Freelance writer, medical writer, white paper author, copywriter, author, editor, and proofreader US$ 35,000 DETAILS
Lawyer new associate in corporate department US$ 76,000 DETAILS
Lawyer In house counsel at automotive finance company US$ 280,000 DETAILS
Lead Firefighter Company Officer - Supervisor of firefighters, command officer US$ 120,000 DETAILS
Manager Manager manager managing a business doing manager duties US$ 45,465 DETAILS
Manager Project management and construction management US$ 149,000 DETAILS
Manager Oversee 70 person team, construction of large industrial projects US$ 160,000 DETAILS
Manager Business Consultant working primarily with process improvement work US$ 109,000 DETAILS
Manager Sales forecasting, demand planning, manufactoring, product allocation & distribution, retail replenishment orders US$ 81,000 DETAILS
Manager buyer planner scheduler in maintenance in manufacturing US$ 45,000 DETAILS
Manufacturing repair,of equiptment and maintaing US$ 48,963 DETAILS
Marketing Marketing Specialist, specializing in email marketing and marketing automation US$ 76,000 DETAILS
Marketing Coordinator Proposal manager for engineering firm US$ 108,000 DETAILS
Marketing Manager Familiarity with best practices of user-growth Research competitive landscape and provide actionable recommendations for content creation Devise innovative ways to repurpose and reposition existing content Develop content strategies with the support of SEO and SEM Specialists Assist the Corporate Marketing Manager with tasks and departmental growth US$ 67,000 DETAILS
MBA just getting started, mostly clerical and minor financial responsibilities US$ 45,000 DETAILS
Mechanical Engineer Automotive systems engineer. Diesel engines US$ 110,000 DETAILS
Mortgage Underwriter Conventional, FHA DE Underwriter US$ 55,000 DETAILS
Non-Profit Organization Executive Director, facilitator, trainer US$ 54,000 DETAILS
Nurse general hospital nurse Boston area US$ 42,000 DETAILS
Nurse I work in a hospital, on the orthopedic and Neuro science floor. US$ 55,000 DETAILS
Office Administrator clerical, typing, computer and data management, student management, facility management, personnel management US$ 55,000 DETAILS
Operations Manager Manage strategic growth by building successful teams across business units. Actively recruit talent that brings business with it US$ 125,000 DETAILS
Operations Manager Medical Premium Operations Center Manager of Client Financial Services (AR,AP,GL and payment processing) US$ 75,000 DETAILS
Operations Manager Oversee all plant operations except the executives US$ 83,500 DETAILS
Other Administration Career process invoices and things like that duh US$ 95,000 DETAILS
Other Administration Career project coordinator - Manage projects of equipment installations US$ 87,000 DETAILS
Other Administration Career Collecting accounts receivables for a law firm US$ 83,000 DETAILS
Other Architect Career architectural historian. Survey, Section 106 preparation, historic context research, review, and submission US$ 85,000 DETAILS
Other Architect Career Project Management and Oversight US$ 85,000 DETAILS
Other Education Career Fundraising research for capital campaign US$ 56,000 DETAILS
Other Education Career I am a Research Associate in CWRU US$ 40,160 DETAILS
Other Education Career Instructional Designer specializing in corporate online WBT US$ 108,000 DETAILS
Other Education Career Midland, TX Director of the Midland ISD Education Foundation. Fundraising US$ 100,000 DETAILS
Other Engineer Career Chemical Engineer in plastic chemical industry. US$ 160,000 DETAILS
Other Insurance Career Entry level actuarial-position. Actuarial Systems US$ 54,600 DETAILS
Other Insurance Career Collecting payments from clients on a 9-5 schedule. also handle customer service. US$ 22,000 DETAILS
Other Management Career Purchasing Manager, manage Purchasing Agents, approve purchase orders, create procedures, negotiate with suppliers, identify cost saving opportunities, assist with inventory management, identify preferred and approved suppliers, work with suppliers to improve on-time performance, etc. US$ 83,000 DETAILS
Other Management Career Supply Chain Management, purchasing, warehouse management and logistic US$ 90,000 DETAILS
Other Management Career MIS Analyst, Data Analysis, Data Governance, Data Stewardship, Data Quality, Communication, Strategy Development, Policy development and management US$ 81,000 DETAILS
Other Management Career Investor investment management director US$ 250,000 DETAILS
Other Marketing Career web design, nonprofit consultant US$ 24,000 DETAILS
Other Medical Career medical transcribing, type reports dictated onto digital files for doctors US$ 45,000 DETAILS
Other Property Career President. Oversee all daily activities including rental properties and properties for sale US$ 104,000 DETAILS
Other Property Career Hospital Facilities Managment. facility engineer US$ 65,000 DETAILS
Other Public Sector Career Program management and implementation of international development program. US$ 93,000 DETAILS
Other Public Sector Career maintenance on equipment, repair work US$ 55,000 DETAILS
Other Sales Career medical device implant sales and service US$ 90,000 DETAILS
Other Sales Career Executive Search where we recruit sales people for various companies. US$ 220,000 DETAILS
Other Sales Career Manufacturer's Representative for multiple Principals. US$ 180,000 DETAILS
Other Sales Career Real Estate Broker. Assisting clients in the selling and purchasing of properties. US$ 55,000 DETAILS
Other Service Career Personal Trainer / Fitness Coach - Workout with Clients US$ 55,000 DETAILS
Other Service Career Quality Analyst for Call Center. US$ 36,000 DETAILS
Physical Therapy Assistant Outpatient Private Clinic, with some acute inpatient treatments US$ 47,000 DETAILS
Physician medical school still, so no earnings....only loan of 60k/yr-> debt which will decrease with inflation US$ 60,000 DETAILS
Physician OBGYN specialist in Obstetrics and gynecology, experience on Labor and delivery and gynecological surgery. Hopsital acre and also Office care. US$ 220,000 DETAILS
Physician Assistant Emergency Room Physician Assistant US$ 185,000 DETAILS
Physician Assistant Assisting in surgery, all types US$ 108,000 DETAILS
Pilot C90GTi Captain Department Manager US$ 75,000 DETAILS
Pilot Helicopter pilot for large corporation US$ 165,000 DETAILS
Plant Manager oversee 75 people responsible for hiring firing and promoting US$ 100,000 DETAILS
Principal Architect Marketing Project Management Account manager US$ 120,000 DETAILS
Product Manager Product Management, Product Design, product promotion, sales training. US$ 150,000 DETAILS
Project Manager Project mamangement of strategy consulting assignments US$ 115,000 DETAILS
Property Agent boss boss boss boss income owner US$ 20,000 DETAILS
Property Manager No. This is ridiculous that I have to do a stupid survey to view the page I was already viewing. US$ 70,000 DETAILS
Psychiatric Nurse none I would rather not describe my job US$ 33,000 DETAILS
Psychologist outpatient individual and family therapy US$ 66,000 DETAILS
Quality Manager I oversee projects and analyze them for efficiency. US$ 55,000 DETAILS
Quality Manager Quality control testing, management of personnel, customer interface, complaint handling US$ 120,000 DETAILS
Radiology Nurse patient imaging,caring for patients and safety US$ 62,000 DETAILS
Railway Station Employee inspect track , report findings to manager all reports must conform to government standards US$ 67,000 DETAILS
Risk Management Insurance This survery sucks my big fat dick and balls. US$ 80,000 DETAILS
Sales Sales assistant. Responsibilities involve operating telephone, taking orders, communicating with customers. US$ 40,000 DETAILS
Sales Engineer Technical proposals, sales, order entry US$ 70,000 DETAILS
Sales Executives Sales, Marketing, Project Management US$ 225,000 DETAILS
Sales in Electronic Shops Provide whole home solutions for customers ranging from TV, Internet and voice as well as cell phones. US$ 60,000 DETAILS
Sales Manager business development of oilfield equipment manufacturer US$ 167,000 DETAILS
Sales Representative Sales for a chemical company. District rep . US$ 120,000 DETAILS
Salesmen or Saleswomen Outside sales, wholesale store to store sales, selling pre paid phone cards, taking inventory, preparing orders and delivering also collecting open invoices, preparing sales reports and making bank deposits. US$ 30,000 DETAILS
Salesmen or Saleswomen gaining accounts and selling to existing accounts US$ 73,000 DETAILS
Salesmen or Saleswomen sales and marketing of specific product to buyer, marketing specialist or operations. US$ 42,000 DETAILS
Salesmen or Saleswomen Sales of general building material. Windows, doors, siding, roofing, hardware. US$ 65,000 DETAILS
Social Worker unemployed student currently working on my assoiciates US$ 48,000 DETAILS
Social Worker Hospice LCSW helping patients die US$ 60,000 DETAILS
Social Worker Case manager, provide referrals, substance abuse counseling US$ 40,000 DETAILS
Software Developer This survey depends on salary entries by visitors. To help provide reliable data, please try to enter as much exact salary as you can. US$ 115,000 DETAILS
Software Engineer Software/hardware/firmware engineering and management US$ 210,000 DETAILS
Special Education Teacher Special Education Teacher with technology backround US$ 56,000 DETAILS
Staff Accountant Public and private company auditor US$ 56,000 DETAILS
Staff Nurse Registered Nurse and Nurse Educator US$ 75,000 DETAILS
Stock Broker In my work, I need to sell stock to investors and make money off their investments US$ 400,000 DETAILS
System Administrator Support everything that has a power cable. US$ 70,000 DETAILS
Teacher Teach students, prepare lesson plans, change curriculum and ensure that all students are receiving the appropriate accommodations. US$ 36,000 DETAILS
Teacher teach both undergraduate and graduate courses and conduct research US$ 73,000 DETAILS
Technical Manager Engineering and maths. Design. US$ 200,000 DETAILS
Truck Driver Fuel transport and delivery per company and federal standards. Adhere to DOT and EPA regulations. US$ 55,000 DETAILS
Ultrasound Technician Ultrasound technician for Hospitals US$ 100,000 DETAILS
University Professor teaching research conference meeting US$ 80,000 DETAILS
University Professor Assistant Research assistant professor. Research, teaching, grant writing, manuscript writing US$ 58,000 DETAILS
Vocational Nurse medication administration, patient assessment, wound care, patient health education, US$ 56,000 DETAILS
Waiter or Waitress Server, take orders, insure guest satisfaction. US$ 80,000 DETAILS
Web Developer Developing C#,, mvc 4, MSSQL web sites. US$ 80,000 DETAILS
Zoo Worker Thirty characters, take me to the polls, doop da doop. US$ 35,000 DETAILS









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