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Achieve High Level of Productivity

Brian Tracy, Motivational Speaker

Personal productivity is a key differentiation between people who succeed in their chosen fields and those who do not. Individuals on the top of their fields have learned how to achieve more and better results in less time than most people. Increasing your productivity is a critical step in achieving your personal and professional goals and creating the success you envision for yourself. To achieve a high level of productivity focus on the following key areas.

1. Develop a clear goals. Higher productivity begins with clear goals. Goal setting is a key component. Goal must be specific and measurable. To be effective in guiding your behaviour it must reflect your beliefs and be within your power to achieve.

2. Write a clear action plan. If you want to turbocharge your productivity make sure that you have a clear written plan of action.

3. Set your priorities. The third step is to always prioritize your list. Analyze your list before you take action. Identify and start with the high value tasks on your list, especially the most important.

4. Concentrate and eliminate distractions. In this step you choose a high value activity or task and start on it immediately and then stay with it until it’s done. Focusing on only one task at a time allows you to complete it far more quickly.

5. Work harder at what you do. When you are at work, concentrate on work all the time. 

6. Pick up the pace at your work. Develop a sense of urgency and maintain a quicker tempo in all your activities. Get on with the job. Move quickly from task to task.

7. Work smarter. Focus on the value of the tasks you complete. While the number of hours you put in is important. What matters the most is the quality and quantity of results you achieve. 

8. Align your work with your skills. Skills and experience allow you to achieve more in less time. Always do things you’re better at. You get much more done.

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