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Bad Habits That are Decreasing Productivity

Brian Tracy, Motivational Speaker

Productivity is an all-important ingredient in the recipe for success. Unfortunately far too many people decrease their own productivity, each day, with bad habits that could be avoided. If you are ready to start being a more productive and successful person, be sure to avoid these habits.


Not planning your day

In the same way that it’s hard to build a house without a blueprint, it’s hard to have a productive day if you don’t plan your day out in full planning. Each day can be a great motivator enabling you to focus on the tasks that you need to accomplish each day. Failing to plan out your day, meanwhile creates a vacuum that you are much likely to fill with distractions and time wasting activities then you are with productive tasks. If you would like to improve your productivity right away, purchase a planner and start writing down what you want to accomplish each day. You may be surprised to see just how far planning out each day can actually take you. 


Not having self discipline

One of the most important traits that almost all successful people have in common is self discipline. Without self discipline it’s almost impossible to accomplish anything beyond the bare minimum that is required of you. While the lack of self discipline can be hard to overcome it is something that anyone can move past with enough effort. If you continually force yourself to go the extra mile your self discipline will steadily improve over time and your productivity will certainly improve with it as well.


Sleeping to long

The early morning hours are the most important hours of the day. These are the hours when the majority of people will be at their most productive. If you sleep in though you are missing out on these all-important hours entirely. By waking up an hour or two earlier you can get a lot accomplished while the rest of the world is still sleeping. Taking advantage of these available hours, these golden hours is one of the easiest ways to boost your productivity.


Wasting time online

The internet has been an amazing invention for a wide range of reasons. However the internet is also a major source of distraction and one of the primary reasons that people are far less productive than they used to be when an infinite supply of entertainment and distraction is always at your fingertips. Your productivity is bound to suffer. To avoid this try putting your phone and other devices away while you are working on an important task. The best rule of all is leave things off. Use the internet to check on your messages and then turn it off for an extended period of time.


Not prioritizing

If you start each day by completing your most important task rather than putting it off you can begin each day with a major sense of accomplishment and avoid the dread that goes along with putting off a major task.



The habit of complaining and procrastination go hand in hand. The more you complain about a task the more likely you are to put it off. Likewise, putting a task off only makes it worse and gives you all the more to complain about. It’s a vicious cycle and one that is absolutely destructive to your productivity. Keeping a positive mindset and avoiding complaining is an essential key to success. After all, complaining about a task never once makes a task complete itself and it very often leads to a complete loss of productivity.


Letting the fear of failure stop you

The quickest way to guarantee failure is to never try. Unfortunately fear of failure is a very real thing and it keeps far too many people from ever pursuing their dreams. Fear or failure though isn’t a rational fear and failure isn’t something that deserves to be feared. Even the most successful people in the world had to fail multiple times before they finally succeeded. If you have the right mindset, failure won’t stop you from reaching your goals. A fear of failure on the other hand will stop you every single time.

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