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Develop a Success Mindset

Brian Tracy, Motivational Speaker


One of the most important elements of successful entrepreneurship is loving what you do. This means not just a love for doing business but also a passion for your specific field. Not only does loving your work make it easier to carry out your daily duties but they can make those actions seem like they aren’t even duties at all. You’re likely to spend your free brushing up your skills or thinking of ways to attract more clients. Those who love what they do are also more likely to do with failure constructively learning how to do better rather than getting discouraged.



Success is not an action. it’s a way of life. If you want to accomplish great things greatness must be reflected in everything you do. Do regardless of what it is that you want to accomplish. The path to success must begin by adopting the right mindset. The first step to building the mindset for success is to define what it means to succeed. Setting goals for yourself makes it easier to come up with a plan of action to achieve your ambitions and will motivate you to carry out that plan. It also gives you a standard against which to measure your progress and adjust your strategy. You should thus define your life or career goals and then think about what you need to do every day to achieve them. In addition create short-term goals each day or week making sure to align them with your broader aims and bigger goals.



You can increase your productivity and move closer to your goals just by managing what you are doing and when you are doing it. So why then do people choose to waste their time? This is quite literally letting time pass you by instead of taking advantage of it. Wasting time is a vicious cycle. What starts as a short break browsing online can turn into hours wasted. It feeds your lack of actions and interrupts your workflow. When you find yourself in one of these situations scrolling the internet aimlessly stop for a second and think about what you don’t accomplish. The more you procrastinate the longer it will take for your task to really get done. Sometimes the task seems so daunting you don’t want to get started. You came up with a random thing or things to do. 


In my book “Eat that frog” I talk about eating your ugliest frog first. Tackle the hardest thing on the to-do list. The thing that is hanging over your head and getting it done first. It takes discipline to accomplish the hardest task first but it is a habit that it will increase your levels of performance and productivity. Sometimes you have to ignore what you feel and just get started. Nobody wants to start a difficult task. But successful people put their heads down and just do it.



Effective entrepreneurs spent every moment of their time taking productive actions. They constantly look for opportunities to enhance their business and act decisively whenever they find opportunity. Constant action doesn’t mean deciding without thinking. Careful thought after all is a necessary action in business. What it means is remaining productive at all times so that all you do contributes to your goals.



High achievers always set challenging goals and continue to work toward them in everything they do. Self made millionaires all started with a dream and one of their secrets is dreaming big. You can then practice back from the future thinking. You project forward five years and allow yourself to imagine the amount of money you’d like to earn and have in your bank account. Then work back from the future to the present. Make the list of the logical steps in order that you need to take to get from where you are to where you want to be. Then figure out what big or small action you can take today.



When it comes to your daily to-do list make sure that you work from the 80/20 rule. If you have ten items to do on your list, two of them will be more important. You can do this by asking yourself. If I were to be called out of town for a month, what are the top twenty percent of my tasks that I must accomplish today. By knowing how to prioritize tasks and working from a list you increase your productivity and output by twenty five to fifty percent each day. After you’ve made your effective to-do list make sure that you create time blocks dedicated to each task. Keep in mind that new tasks and responsibilities will come up continually. Phone calls will come in. Emails will need to be dealt with and meetings will need to happen. The key to working smarter is also setting aside chunks of time for these tasks. Scheduling your time this way reduces stress and makes you feel in charge of your life.

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