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Good Habits and Morning Rituals for Daily Success

Brian Tracy, Motivational Speaker

One of the most important quotes I read as a young man was the quote “the first hour is the rudder of the day”. Some people call the first hour the golden hour because it sets the tone for everything that happens for the rest of the day.

So what are some daily morning rituals that people can practice to prepare their mind and tackle the rest of the day? I have worked with thousands of successful people and they all have rituals or habits. Everyone has a daily morning ritual that they practice whether they know it or not. Some of these habits are more beneficial than others and can prepare your mind and body for everything you have planned for that day. One beneficial habit that you can practice every morning is to get up and read 30 to 60 on something uplifting and inspirational each day. When you get up in the morning and instead of reading the newspaper or watching television you read something positive and constructive and inspiring.

You set your mental stage or tone for the rest of the day. Throughout the day from the first day that you try this you will notice that things go better for you. You will be calmer, more productive, more creative. If you’re more alert you’ll actually be more resilient and will respond more effectively with any difficult task. Just like physical exercise in the morning will prepare you to be more resilient physically during the day. Mental exercise in the form of inspirational reading will prepare you to be more mentally fit during the day.

You can increase your levels of optimism each day by planning every day in advance. The ideal time to plan is the night before. Make a list of everything you have to do in the coming day and then go over the list to set your priorities. So starting today, begin applying these beneficial morning rituals to help increase your productivity and tackle anything you plan for the day. 

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