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How to Overcome Procrastination

Brian Tracy, Motivational Speaker

Procrastination continues to be one of the largest enemies of our productivity and if we don’t find effective ways to break this habit it has the potential to completely derail our path towards success.

In life every single person wants to earn more money. They want to be more successful. They want to have a nicer home, nicer car, more money in the bank, and no financial worries. The key to achieving these goals is to learn how to get more and better results. I know that you might be thinking Brian i’ve tried everything, I’ve set goals, I’ve created a time management schedule but nothing seems to work for me. This brings me to our first strategy for overcoming chronic procrastination and it’s simply this. Change your thinking.


Change your thinking

Just say the words “do it now!”, “do it now!”, “do it now!”

These words will motivate you and push you to get started. If you spend all of your time thinking about how your habit of chronic procrastination gets in the way of all or your goals and motivation and dreams then your subconscious mind will accept that as the truth and that’s how your life will continue to be. If instead you spend your time thinking about how good you are at getting difficult and important tasks done right away and how incredibly organized you are with your time. Then your subconscious mind will start to accept that as the truth and you will start doing more of those things that overcome procrastination and get more things done faster. 


Eat your ugliest frog first

You should eat the ugliest frog first and you should do right away without any delay. It doesn’t do you any good to stare at the ugly live frog in front of you. So start with your most difficult task first. You cannot manage time. Time exists completely out of our control. So you can’t manage time. What you can do is to manage your life. Time management really is just life management. It is the ability to choose what you do first, what you do second, and what you do later, if at all. When you choose the most important tasks, you immediately put your life to fast track. In fact, you can actually double your output in one day simply by changing your order of choices in the way that you use your time.


Plan each day in advance

Plan each day in advance, take time each morning to address your major goals and then write out a list of things you need to do that day in order to get closer to those goals. Set priorities on each item, so you don’t skip your most important tasks and then get to it. When you jump right into the workday and start on something really important right away the level at which you work for the rest of the day will be increased.



What is one critical task that you have been putting off and what will you do today to start working on that task?



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