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Stay Motivated When Job Hunting

Brian Tracy, Motivational Speaker

Searching for a new job can be a job in itself. Actually it is a job in itself. The job is not finished until you receive the offer of employment. The time between the search and success can be really frustrating. Follow these steps to avoid becoming discouraged when searching for a new job. Remember, that you won’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.


So first, clarify your values. Do your values match with the position you are seeking? You can’t ask this question unless you clarify your values and get a sense of the value culture at the new organisation. If your values are teamwork and positive interpersonal relationships you won’t be a good fit in an organisation where productivity is more important than collaboration and cooperative effort every day. Very few people make the effort to clarify their values. The process among other things requires focus and an honest self-appraisal. Honesty always comes through as prospective employers evaluate you. If you clarify your values, you will save time in your job search.


Second, write out your marketable skills and areas of excellence. Once the motivating factor when you are between jobs or seeking a more challenging career is knowing the value that you can bring to the organisation. Writing out your marketable skills is only the first part. Finish the job by matching up your accomplishments with those skills. Write about how you used your skills and contributed to the completion of a successful project or met some important goal in your past. Areas of excellence on the other hand are the subjective qualities beyond skills. These are the talents that add flavor and evidence that you are worth hiring. 


Third, determine your areas of weakness and how you can improve upon them. The value of self-knowledge is in your ability to evaluate your weaknesses to be honest about what you do well and what you could do better in the future. To the extent that you are honest in that evaluation you will reap benefits in staying motivated most of the time. Be honest. Can you least at least three weaknesses and what you can do to improve them? Here’s a hint. Do not include I tend to be impatient or I am somewhat of a perfectionist. These are the fluffy answers we hear during job interviews. What you need to list is what you know is what you know is hurting your personal and professional development. They are the starting point of personal and self improvement. If you're a slow starter when it comes to projects and deadlines learn to divide your projects into smaller chunks with realistic milestone dates. If you’re a mediocre writer recognize that you can get better with practice. Get an earlier start on writing projects and get advice from the best writers in your organisation. No matter what your weakness, there’s always a way that you can improve.


Fourth, don’t let the world decide your path for you, choose something you love. Whether you’re just starting out or hunting for a change consider this. You will spend more time working than doing anything else other than sleeping. The most fortunate people are those who love their jobs and are amazed that someone would actually pay them to do what is not work but for them is their life’s purpose. Napoleon Hill said the key to success is to find something that you love to do and then to become very good at doing that very well. You can stay motivated while looking for a job if you clarify your values, capitalize on your strengths, and work on your weaknesses. If you focus your job search on finding the work you love, you are on the path to personal and professional success.


“Your ability to solve problems effectively determines how high you rise in your career.”

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