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Steps to Develop Strong Will Power

Brian Tracy, Motivational Speaker

There is one habit you can develop that will contribute more to your success than anything else you can do. That habit is self discipline.


What is self discipline?

Self discipline is the ability to make yourself do the right things whether you feel like it at the moment or not. Self discipline means you are able to sacrifice pleasure in the present to get greater rewards in the future. Self disciplined people are willing to do things. People who are unsuccessful will refuse to do things they don’t like. Successful people understand that doing the right things even then they don’t feel like it is the key to success. Self discipline not only creates greater rewards in the future. It also has an immediate payoff. When you exercise self discipline you respect and like yourself more. Your brain rewards you by releasing endorphins. These “feel good” make you feel happy and proud of yourself for doing the right thing. How can you become more self disciplined? Self discipline is a habit that anyone can develop. You just need to practice, with focus and concentration, until the habit becomes ingrained. Do this every day. Repetition is the key. Willpower is like a muscle. When you practice self-discipline, your will power becomes stronger. Two things happen. First, you will achieve your goals faster. Second, you will have the strength of character to stick with your goals and never give up. Do this goal-setting exercises in a disciplined and focused way every day for free weeks.


Follow this steps

Set the stage by clarifying your goals. Ask yourself “What do I really want to do with my life?”

At first, you may not have a clear answer. Be patient. Keep on asking the question until a strong answer emerges.

The goal-setting exercises make it easy to clarify and refine your goals. Giving you the confidence that you are going in the direction you want to go. You prove to yourself that you have the strength of character to commit to your goals and to see them through completion. It all starts with self discipline. Once you make self discipline a habit you will be more and more successful.

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