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GROSS salary ( including bonuses, benefits, etc. )
Engineer 09 Oct 2015 Morocco MAD 5,000 US$ 525 DETAILS
Director 09 Oct 2015 United States US$ 172,000 DETAILS
Business Manager 09 Oct 2015 Greece EUR 22,000 US$ 25,016 DETAILS
Hardware Engineer 09 Oct 2015 United States US$ 90,000 DETAILS
Other Architect Career 09 Oct 2015 Bermuda BMD 60,000 US$ 60,000 DETAILS
Human Resources Manager 09 Oct 2015 Iraq IQD 67,500,000 US$ 54,000 DETAILS
Manufacturing Worker 09 Oct 2015 United States US$ 41,381 DETAILS
Risk Manager 09 Oct 2015 United Kingdom GBP 70,000 US$ 108,010 DETAILS
Other Constr. & Labor Career 09 Oct 2015 Trinidad and Tobago TTD 36,000 US$ 5,677 DETAILS
CPA - Certified Public Accountant 09 Oct 2015 Kuwait KWD 84,000 US$ 284,189 DETAILS
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NOTE: Data for surveys are calculated from added polls on this site. High percentage of visitors have Bachelors / Master degree education. This results with higher average salary than statistics for entire population. All surveys are shown dynamically and are changing constantly with the new entries.


Switzerland 574 CHF 113,874 US$ 122,603 SHOW
Kuwait 373 KWD 25,999 US$ 88,116 SHOW
United Arab Emirates 528 AED 317,602 US$ 86,458 SHOW
Denmark 359 DKK 562,098 US$ 85,694 SHOW
United States 14864 US$ 80,445 US$ 80,446 SHOW
Abkhazia 251 RUB 4,911,467 US$ 78,267 SHOW
Qatar 227 QAR 284,956 US$ 78,225 SHOW
Norway 284 NOK 591,787 US$ 78,043 SHOW
Hong Kong 1265 HKD 578,404 US$ 74,605 SHOW
United Kingdom 2518 GBP 48,763 US$ 74,506 SHOW
Australia 1980 AU$ 93,369 US$ 72,899 SHOW
Oman 196 OMR 27,837 US$ 72,311 SHOW
Luxembourg 319 EUR 63,429 US$ 71,951 SHOW
Angola 118 AOA 7,626,499 US$ 71,613 SHOW
Germany 1078 EUR 62,479 US$ 70,878 SHOW
Netherlands 506 EUR 62,109 US$ 70,459 SHOW
Belgium 410 EUR 59,886 US$ 67,940 SHOW
France 533 EUR 58,540 US$ 66,413 SHOW
Saudi Arabia 494 SAR 246,322 US$ 65,645 SHOW
Austria 367 EUR 56,267 US$ 63,825 SHOW
Singapore 2238 SGD 85,503 US$ 63,234 SHOW
Finland 231 EUR 54,326 US$ 61,628 SHOW
Italy 565 EUR 54,317 US$ 61,616 SHOW
Sweden 445 SEK 516,115 US$ 61,553 SHOW
Canada 3730 CA$ 74,560 US$ 59,562 SHOW
Israel 236 ILS 228,862 US$ 58,968 SHOW
South Korea 390 KRW 64,092,893 US$ 57,684 SHOW
Ireland 923 EUR 50,037 US$ 56,760 SHOW
Japan 345 JPY 6,433,143 US$ 54,038 SHOW
New Zealand 914 NZ$ 72,399 US$ 53,423 SHOW
Macau 256 MOP 425,036 US$ 53,205 SHOW
Spain 395 EUR 46,821 US$ 53,115 SHOW
Andora 158 EUR 46,013 US$ 52,220 SHOW
Brazil 274 BRL 144,278 US$ 51,672 SHOW
Mexico 218 MXN 730,546 US$ 48,856 SHOW
Cyprus 128 EUR 42,534 US$ 48,270 SHOW
Lebanon 163 LBP 65,085,411 US$ 45,560 SHOW
Turkey 405 TRY 112,473 US$ 45,521 SHOW
China 1524 CNY 281,250 US$ 45,031 SHOW
Brunei 119 BND 59,341 US$ 43,878 SHOW
Taiwan 366 TWD 1,305,909 US$ 41,252 SHOW
Slovenia 177 EUR 34,481 US$ 39,119 SHOW
Portugal 325 EUR 34,305 US$ 38,912 SHOW
Greece 330 EUR 32,828 US$ 37,245 SHOW
Albania 203 ALL 4,503,220 US$ 36,476 SHOW
Malta 125 EUR 31,773 US$ 36,042 SHOW
South Africa 2336 ZAR 398,431 US$ 34,571 SHOW
Algeria 162 DZD 3,207,281 US$ 34,228 SHOW
Thailand 474 THB 1,101,855 US$ 33,733 SHOW
Czech Republic 365 CZK 822,608 US$ 33,710 SHOW
Serbia 234 RSD 3,525,159 US$ 33,066 SHOW
Indonesia 893 IDR 315,696,481 US$ 32,970 SHOW
Poland 498 PLN 118,796 US$ 32,404 SHOW
Mauritius 180 MUR 1,071,244 US$ 32,389 SHOW
Trinidad and Tobago 215 TTD 202,917 US$ 31,968 SHOW
Hungary 303 HUF 8,488,448 US$ 31,407 SHOW
Jordan 144 JOD 22,100 US$ 31,148 SHOW
Slovakia 175 EUR 26,194 US$ 29,715 SHOW
Zimbabwe 116 US$ 29,000 US$ 29,000 SHOW
Croatia 241 HRK 192,528 US$ 28,309 SHOW
Malaysia 3912 MYR 96,867 US$ 27,160 SHOW
Namibia 219 NAD 305,805 US$ 26,549 SHOW
Romania 533 RON 95,823 US$ 24,496 SHOW
Kenya 327 KES 2,119,847 US$ 23,106 SHOW
Russia 640 RUB 1,507,258 US$ 22,775 SHOW
Egypt 523 EGP 172,538 US$ 22,616 SHOW
Bulgaria 286 BGN 37,893 US$ 22,059 SHOW
Jamaica 227 JMD 2,325,054 US$ 20,228 SHOW
Cambodia 171 KHR 88,237,996 US$ 17,648 SHOW
India 4412 INR 1,060,262 US$ 17,070 SHOW
Vietnam 605 VND 322,098,534 US$ 16,105 SHOW
Philippines 1245 PHP 708,497 US$ 16,012 SHOW
Bangladesh 211 BDT 1,097,616 US$ 14,049 SHOW
Pakistan 358 PKR 1,350,582 US$ 13,341 SHOW
Sri Lanka 334 LKR 1,576,380 US$ 11,823 SHOW
Ukraine 272 UAH 277,813 US$ 10,894 SHOW
Iran 138 IRR 185,637,409 US$ 7,425 SHOW
Nepal 118 NPR 724,613 US$ 7,311 SHOW
Afghanistan 220 AFN 233,537 US$ 4,068 SHOW
Ghana 181 GHS 218,339 N/A SHOW


.NET Developer NET Developer in huge company. Development, testing and teamlead. Super sculled specialist. MDL 7,000 US$ 367 DETAILS
.NET Developer .NET Developer - create and modify softwares used within the company CHF 20,000 US$ 21,086 DETAILS
Account Manager I do a lot and then i receive money RUB 10,000,000 US$ 161,000 DETAILS
Account Manager my main task is preparaion of ledger accounts in tally.erp 9, preparing of financial reports INR 120,000 US$ 1,932 DETAILS
Accountant 1) Prepare, examine, and analyze accounting records, financial statements, and other financial reports to assess accuracy, completeness, and conformance to reporting and procedural standards. 2) Compute taxes owed and prepare tax returns, ensuring compliance with payment, reporting and other tax requirements. 3) Report to management regarding the finances of establishment. 5) Establish tables of accounts, and assign entries to proper accounts. EUR 42,000 US$ 47,758 DETAILS
Accountant tax preparer, general ledger accounting, bank reconciliations, oversaw accounting staff in every detail of accounting for a non-profit agency for federal and state grants. Manage low income properties. US$ 32,000 DETAILS
Accountant Bookkeeping, payroll, financial control AU$ 85,000 US$ 66,215 DETAILS
Accountant Final accounts Auditing & internal control LKR 696,000 US$ 5,220 DETAILS
Accountant Bank accountant, work on debit and credits, give loans and make financial statements LBP 15,000,000 US$ 10,500 DETAILS
Administrative Assistant Global security for corporate company. GBP 27,000 US$ 41,661 DETAILS
Architect Working drawings, construction drawings, site evaluations TWD 700,000 US$ 22,050 DETAILS
Architect Urban Planning and Design, Presentation and Approval Drawings NOK 420,000 US$ 55,314 DETAILS
Artist Musician, drummer, music producer US$ 55,000 DETAILS
Assistant Manager Taking care of entire office, petty cash, administrative work, staff salary, telephone, emails INR 420,000 US$ 6,762 DETAILS
Audit Manager Auditor Auditor Auditor Auditor KWD 21,000 US$ 71,047 DETAILS
Banks Senior Claims Specialist. Team Lead in Claim and Fraud Department. Review Online and Telephone Claims regarding Consumer and Business Banking for a Big International Bank. US$ 78,600 DETAILS
Banks Cash Dealing, opening a new account for individual and compaies,Any counter & Any Transaction ,Providing advice on investments to customers,Write reports periodically to management on Fund activities and other related issues. INR 226,000 US$ 3,639 DETAILS
Branch Manager Store retail manager. Shape and lead a team of highly successful people in delivering kpi. GBP 42,000 US$ 64,806 DETAILS
Business Development Manager Business Development for new technologies, worldwide responsibility EUR 60,000 US$ 68,226 DETAILS
Business Development Manager Business Development and Strategic Partner Qualification and Management EUR 88,000 US$ 100,065 DETAILS
Call Center Manager Customer support,taking care of problema, questiona, and giving service to clientes frin the company ILS 98,000 US$ 25,421 DETAILS
Call Center Manager Customer support,taking care of problema, questiona, and giving service to clientes frin the company ILS 98,000 US$ 25,421 DETAILS
CEO CEO for a private company providing software as a service PHP 17,000,000 US$ 384,200 DETAILS
Chartered Accountant Tax senior looking for witholding taxes & compiling assessment details & filing appeals OMR 7,800 US$ 20,260 DETAILS
Chartered Accountant Performing external audit of clients preparing the leadsheets and reviewing the work as applicable by the IFRS standards OMR 12,000 US$ 31,169 DETAILS
Chartered Accountant Ca working for big4 in audit service line INR 750,000 US$ 12,075 DETAILS
Chartered Accountant Global Controller, Finance Director, Consolidation and Reporting, monthly quarterly and annually, Internal controls and Process Improvement ZAR 800,000 US$ 68,480 DETAILS
Chemical Engineer control of process, indicators DKK 450,000 US$ 68,715 DETAILS
CNC Programmer Programming cnc machines for aerospace US$ 52,000 DETAILS
Commercial Real Estate Overall P&L responsibility Company oversight/future vision US$ 187,000 DETAILS
Construction Labor Worker I nail things together with a nail gun. I frame homes, build decks, and remold homes. US$ 100,000 DETAILS
Construction Project Coordinator coordinator with retailers on design and fit-out MOP 360,000 US$ 45,036 DETAILS
Construction Project Coordinator supervision and coordination of subcontractors performing duties on project. CA$ 165,000 US$ 132,000 DETAILS
Construction Project Coordinator Project Engineering, programing, QA AU$ 135,000 US$ 105,165 DETAILS
Contract Administrator contracts engineer with 9 year experience. KWD 24,000 US$ 81,197 DETAILS
Contract Manager Pre-Award Contract Management. Post Award Contract Management. Insurance Claims. Procurement. CNY 764,000 US$ 122,087 DETAILS
CPA - Certified Public Accountant overall fiancial maintainance of the organisations finances UGX 42,000,000 US$ 12,600 DETAILS
CPA - Certified Public Accountant Certified public accountant owner US$ 125,000 DETAILS
CPA - Certified Public Accountant Controller AR ,AP ,Taxes, Cost Accounting, Auditory, Finance Planning MXN 1,100,000 US$ 73,370 DETAILS
Customer Consultant Customer Service, Cinema, Food and beverage, customer handling AU$ 50,000 US$ 38,950 DETAILS
Customer Consultant incident management managing high priority IT incidents MYR 98,000 US$ 26,901 DETAILS
Customer Service Manager Protecting the Russia Federation's borders against smuggling RUB 25,000 US$ 403 DETAILS
Director New business targets. Operational implementation US$ 240,000 DETAILS
Director 1995 to 2015: BS degree IT teacher technical high school for 20 years, 1985 to 1995: secretary for Ministry of education JMD 150,000 US$ 1,305 DETAILS
Director To provide a good plans for the business PHP 150,000 US$ 3,390 DETAILS
Director checking exams and looking at loads RUB 789,456 US$ 12,710 DETAILS
Doctor Specialist see and examine pulmonary pacients RON 54,000 US$ 13,805 DETAILS
Doctor Specialist Provide Anesthesia for various surgeries in a hospital US$ 400,000 DETAILS
Doctor Specialist ward rounds clinic oncall duties, teaching medical students TTD 150,000 US$ 23,655 DETAILS
Economist Research on the property market. GBP 60,000 US$ 92,580 DETAILS
Elementary School Teacher ESL Elementary teacher. Responsible for teaching all subject areas. US$ 64,000 DETAILS
Engineer design temporary clamp. design heat exchanger. MYR 35,000 US$ 9,608 DETAILS
Engineer Broadcast Engineer-Television and Radio US$ 60,000 DETAILS
Engineer Doors, electronics , camera , automotive, requirement SEK 750,000 US$ 89,100 DETAILS
Engineer Structural steel and RCC design engineer OMR 8,400 US$ 21,818 DETAILS
Engineering Manager Account manager. developing products getting new clients and client training. Managing current accounts and developing new market strategies ZAR 100,000 US$ 8,560 DETAILS
Field Organizer Yep candy is fascinating also mustard EUR 150,000 US$ 170,565 DETAILS
Finance Manager Career spanning 20+ years working globally in investmenet banking as a financial accountant and project director AU$ 250,000 US$ 194,750 DETAILS
Finance Manager handling more than 2000 staff a sap finance manager EUR 226,000 US$ 256,985 DETAILS
Finance Manager finance manager cum chief accountant AED 144,000 US$ 39,211 DETAILS
Finance Manager manage all daility activities in the finance department DKK 720,000 US$ 109,944 DETAILS
Finance Manager private equity and magagement of private wealth funds BSD 200,000 US$ 200,000 DETAILS
Financial Accountant Processing invoices and payments. INR 400,000 US$ 6,440 DETAILS
Financial Accountant Prepare monthly financial reports,submitting VAT returns and Income tax returns, Review creditors reconciliation for payment. Monthly Gl reconciliation. Review annual financial statements, responsible for creditors department, NAD 554,000 US$ 47,478 DETAILS
Financial Analyst Team leader in a business processing company in the capital PHP 973,000 US$ 21,990 DETAILS
Financial Analyst pricing, management reporting, various financial analysis, budgeting UAH 290,400 US$ 10,687 DETAILS
Furniture Designer design and fabricate furniture pieces for reselling to the Kuwaiti market KWD 3,600 US$ 12,180 DETAILS
General Manager Management in Engineering to create technical policy and efficient work process to achieve operational excellence. MYR 600,000 US$ 164,700 DETAILS
Healthcare Administration I learned health care management EUR 30,000 US$ 34,113 DETAILS
Healthcare Management Quality,Compliance and Regulatory Manager with MNC MYR 221,000 US$ 60,665 DETAILS
History Teacher I teach history, it is just swell. my students are pretty cool too. only sometimes though because sometimes they are annoying. XAF 1,000,000 US$ 1,700 DETAILS
Human Resource Recruitment, Training, Performance management, compensation & benefits. EGP 60,000 US$ 7,860 DETAILS
Human Resource Administrator Industrial Relations, Drafting conditions of Service, negotiating wages and salaries, education and training of workers with respect to workers' rights and responsibilities, representative for overseas training BBD 46,000 US$ 23,000 DETAILS
Human Resources Manager group hr director of a 1000 employees on 7 sites, supervising a team of 20. SGD 150,000 US$ 110,460 DETAILS
Human Resources Manager Recruitment Training and Development Policies and Procedures Line Management GBP 51,000 US$ 78,693 DETAILS
Human Resources Manager I reckon senior level position in multinationals for more than a decade and this enables me to run the Human Resources department on three lines namely strategic, operational and administrative. MUR 910,000 US$ 27,300 DETAILS
Human Resources Manager Talent acquisition, performance management and organisation development VND 660,000,000 US$ 33,000 DETAILS
Human Resources Manager HR and organizational Policy development and implementing,Monitoring, Recruitment,General Administration, Compliance. BDT 1,248,000 US$ 15,974 DETAILS
Human Resources Manager In charge of Overall human resources duties in the organization KES 1,800,000 US$ 19,620 DETAILS
Human Resources Manager Manage all HR Spectrum of the company IDR 770,000,000 US$ 77,000 DETAILS
Human Resources Manager human resources manager by managing a group of HR staffs to support the business MYR 200,000 US$ 54,900 DETAILS
Human Resources Manager Recruitment, benefits administration, compliance, implement policy and procedure, compensation, performance management US$ 70,000 DETAILS
Infantryman Worrior duties to include infiltration of enemy lines RUB 10,000 US$ 161 DETAILS
Inside Sales Operations support and business analyst MYR 86,000 US$ 23,607 DETAILS
Insurance Agent Account Executive -Field Representative Commercial Insurance Sales Energy Utility Industry. US$ 82,500 DETAILS
Insurance Broker Financial Advisory, insurance Broking, Financial planning, estate planning, fiduciary services, health and lifestyle management, getting insurance policies on commission ZAR 250,000 US$ 21,400 DETAILS
Insurance Sales Financial Advisor, Insurance sales, Benefits and small business focus. US$ 110,000 DETAILS
Investment Manager Project finance manager in the sub-saharan africa region EUR 45,000 US$ 51,169 DETAILS
Investment Manager Liquidity management Investments Finnancial planning Asset risk management EUR 28,000 US$ 31,839 DETAILS
IT Coordinator coordinating IT projects and ideas KES 5,000 US$ 55 DETAILS
IT Coordinator IT engineer and providing hardware and software support. KWD 6,000 US$ 20,299 DETAILS
IT Coordinator Marketing manager for igaming in the nordic region EUR 42,000 US$ 47,758 DETAILS
IT Manager Research on Information for clients, data analysis UAH 84,000 US$ 3,091 DETAILS
IT Manager Principal Solution Architect - Analytics INR 3,000,000 US$ 48,300 DETAILS
IT Manager IT Security Sales (Distribution) CHF 120,000 US$ 126,516 DETAILS
IT Manager I design website, I manage clients machine, I create database for client machines. I managed Servers, I set up IP address, I repair computers TZS 2,000,000 US$ 1,000 DETAILS
IT Project Manager project handling with hotel clients like mariots etc, budgeting is also a part of it INR 700,000 US$ 11,270 DETAILS
IT Project Manager manager for deploying sites and integration for new sites AED 516,000 US$ 140,507 DETAILS
IT Project Manager Management of projects and programs in an IT environment CHF 150,000 US$ 158,145 DETAILS
J2EE Developer Software engineering to fit the customer needs. SEK 480,000 US$ 57,024 DETAILS
Judge Judge of the High Court dealing with all cases, trying matters and handling all court business reporting to the Chief Justice BWP 500,000 US$ 52,000 DETAILS
Lawyer new associate in corporate department US$ 76,000 DETAILS
Lawyer trainee lawyer in an international law firm dealing with International capital markets EUR 37,000 US$ 42,073 DETAILS
Lecturer Teaching undergraduate students, Supervising students' research documents, supervising teaching practices MWK 520,000 US$ 1,144 DETAILS
Lecturer Lecturer in Computer science, to teach computer subjects and guide students in projects ETB 480,000 US$ 23,616 DETAILS
Lecturer Researcher biomedical genomics EUR 36,000 US$ 40,936 DETAILS
Manager Leading the international management and operations of a Multinational with operations in 3 continents with total turnover over 400 M EUR. EUR 100,000 US$ 113,710 DETAILS
Manager Manager manager managing a business doing manager duties US$ 45,465 DETAILS
Manager Key Account Management , countries responsibility , forecasting , and planning LBP 108,000,000 US$ 75,600 DETAILS
Manager Environmental conservation, Non-Governmental Organisation GBP 45,000 US$ 69,435 DETAILS
Manager good career and expecting to grow further in the near future EGP 300,000 US$ 39,300 DETAILS
Manufacturing Production Manager for signage company AU$ 65,000 US$ 50,635 DETAILS
Manufacturing Project manager. Design new car RUB 1,850,000 US$ 29,785 DETAILS
Manufacturing Director duties regarding all manufacturing process & quality TRY 200,000 US$ 81,440 DETAILS
Manufacturing Worker Lead Supervisor shift, manage operators, control production MYR 91,000 US$ 24,980 DETAILS
Marketing marketing foward oversea not enought not funny though KRW 35,000,000 US$ 31,500 DETAILS
Marketing Marketing Specialist, specializing in email marketing and marketing automation US$ 76,000 DETAILS
Marketing Manager brand and communication manager AFN 500,000 US$ 8,710 DETAILS
Marketing Manager Familiarity with best practices of user-growth Research competitive landscape and provide actionable recommendations for content creation Devise innovative ways to repurpose and reposition existing content Develop content strategies with the support of SEO and SEM Specialists Assist the Corporate Marketing Manager with tasks and departmental growth US$ 67,000 DETAILS
Mechanical Engineer Source parts and use it under semicon industries. MYR 50,000 US$ 13,725 DETAILS
Mechanical Engineer operation gas turbines and steam turbines JOD 3,000 US$ 4,230 DETAILS
Mechanical Technician Maintenance Engineering & Management, Oil & Gas Maintenance, Financial& Project Management, Utilities, Quality Control, Supervising CA$ 60,000 US$ 48,000 DETAILS
Mortgage Adviser I have 14 years experience in sales INR 580,000 US$ 9,338 DETAILS
Mortgage Underwriter Conventional, FHA DE Underwriter US$ 55,000 DETAILS
MS Office I want to work in your concern with good knowledge and good manner INR 100,000 US$ 1,610 DETAILS
Music Teacher my career is to be Piano teacher. BND 30,000 US$ 22,104 DETAILS
Network Specialist Access Network Operation Copper and Optical Fiber PKR 660,000 US$ 6,468 DETAILS
Nurse hearing aid specialist, ear prosthetics, BAM 10,000 US$ 5,804 DETAILS
Office Administrator Office Management Administration Finance & Accounting Human Resources Generalist General Affairs TTD 302,592 US$ 47,719 DETAILS
Operations Manager Marine superintendent job.Involved in internal audits pre vetting inspection.Related to OCIMF inspection.Dealing primarily with implementation of company procedures.Looking after ISM /ISPS/MLC compliance.Ensure environmental compliance. MYR 240,000 US$ 65,880 DETAILS
Operations Manager Lean manufacturing, project management. RUB 720,000 US$ 11,592 DETAILS
Operations Manager Manage strategic growth by building successful teams across business units. Actively recruit talent that brings business with it US$ 125,000 DETAILS
Other Architect Career architectural historian. Survey, Section 106 preparation, historic context research, review, and submission US$ 85,000 DETAILS
Other Engineer Career Working in industry and testing up chemicals from underground ILS 300,000 US$ 77,820 DETAILS
Other Finance Career analyst - banking, working as a bank analyst in Singapore SGD 40,000 US$ 29,456 DETAILS
Other Finance Career regional operations (2 regions); customer service; project management; CZK 1,800,000 US$ 74,700 DETAILS
Other Human Resource Career Recruitment - conducting assessments, applicant attraction, advertising, interviewing, supoprt administration GBP 60,000 US$ 92,580 DETAILS
Other Human Resource Career Human Resources Generalist handling personnel selection, performance management, career management, personnel training, industrial relations TRY 55,000 US$ 22,396 DETAILS
Other Human Resource Career Management consultant especially in area of Human resources for leading consultant firm. Provide end to end advisory services to solve clients' problems. INR 700,000 US$ 11,270 DETAILS
Other Human Resource Career IT recruitment consultant C# developers GBP 60,000 US$ 92,580 DETAILS
Other Human Resource Career Job design and description Hiring and selection Assessments and tna Organization development EGP 55,000 US$ 7,205 DETAILS
Other Human Resource Career C&B Consultant with a consulting firm MYR 78,000 US$ 21,411 DETAILS
Other Human Resource Career Providing reports for clients and internal teams, market research, competitive analysis, market trends, talent analytics, strategic advisory. PLN 135,540 US$ 36,935 DETAILS
Other Insurance Career Entry level actuarial-position. Actuarial Systems US$ 54,600 DETAILS
Other Insurance Career Sales Manager _ Agency development VND 600,000,000 US$ 30,000 DETAILS
Other Logistics Career Quality Assurance ensuring governance, risk and compliance are established and implemented. MYR 72,000 US$ 19,764 DETAILS
Other Logistics Career warehouse attendant off load goods get goods for customers and for other employees to pack out TTD 46,080 US$ 7,267 DETAILS
Other Management Career Purchasing Manager, manage Purchasing Agents, approve purchase orders, create procedures, negotiate with suppliers, identify cost saving opportunities, assist with inventory management, identify preferred and approved suppliers, work with suppliers to improve on-time performance, etc. US$ 83,000 DETAILS
Other Marketing Career web design, nonprofit consultant US$ 24,000 DETAILS
Other Property Career debt analyst. I look at the returns if give out potential loans GBP 40,000 US$ 61,720 DETAILS
Other Property Career Design and produce 3D of villas MUR 250,000 US$ 7,500 DETAILS
Other Sales Career Sales Manager for Insurance Company KWD 24,000 US$ 81,197 DETAILS
Other Tourism Career Food and beverage team member. Restaurants and bars. All around player EUR 12,000 US$ 13,645 DETAILS
Other Tourism Career Asset Management Analyst for hotels, owner representative AED 156,000 US$ 42,479 DETAILS
Other Tourism Career Reservation Manager * Identifies new reservations sales business to achieve personal and property revenue goals. * Understands the overall market, including competitors' strengths and weaknesses, economic trends, supply and demand etc. and knows how to sell against them. * Closes the best opportunities for the property based on market conditions and property needs. * Monitors same day selling procedures to maximize room revenue and control property occupancy. EGP 48,000 US$ 6,288 DETAILS
Physical Therapy Assistant Outpatient Private Clinic, with some acute inpatient treatments US$ 47,000 DETAILS
Physician emergency services and rapid response services in country VUV 2,836,845 US$ 26,383 DETAILS
Physician medical school still, so no earnings....only loan of 60k/yr-> debt which will decrease with inflation US$ 60,000 DETAILS
Pilot C90GTi Captain Department Manager US$ 75,000 DETAILS
Plant Manager oversee 75 people responsible for hiring firing and promoting US$ 100,000 DETAILS
Product Development Drive new product development, project management MYR 55,900 US$ 15,345 DETAILS
Product Development Planning and coordinating production Logistic... RSD 650,000 US$ 6,097 DETAILS
Product Market Research developing and implementing a go-to-market plan, working with all departments to execute BBD 80,000 US$ 40,000 DETAILS
Project Manager manage capital projects in the industrial area HKD 1,000,000 US$ 128,900 DETAILS
Project Manager Manage large size industrial projects 30MEUR+ like construction and start up of new factories worlwide SEK 720,000 US$ 85,536 DETAILS
Property Manager No. This is ridiculous that I have to do a stupid survey to view the page I was already viewing. US$ 70,000 DETAILS
Public Relations Coordinator Public relation officer in gouvernment AWG 24,000 US$ 13,409 DETAILS
Purchasing Agent maintain 2 storerooms. one temperature controlled for drugs and one for medical supplies an cleaning supplies. order all drugs and medical supplies. discard all expired drugs. XCD 30,000 US$ 11,112 DETAILS
Retail Store Manager store manager handling store in retail INR 1,000,000 US$ 16,100 DETAILS
Sales Telemarkter forex market 5 days a week ILS 75,000 US$ 19,455 DETAILS
Sales Executives Sales responsible leading medium sales team. international business CHF 170,000 US$ 179,231 DETAILS
Sales in Construction Material Yes working well with others and in good shape BGN 70,000 US$ 40,749 DETAILS
Sales Manager Sales of Semiconductors, SW IP and Engineering Services EUR 120,000 US$ 136,452 DETAILS
Sales Representative Perform Sales and Marketing activities for Aviation Component Repair company TWD 2,100,000 US$ 66,150 DETAILS
Secondary School Teacher teach history and english studies XPF 10,000,000 US$ 95,000 DETAILS
Senior Accountant oversee accounting operation of 5-6 entities GBP 25,000 US$ 38,575 DETAILS
Senior Accountant Overlooking budgeting, finance and general administration LKR 2,100,000 US$ 15,750 DETAILS
Senior Accountant internal audit, forensic, reports, trading EUR 55,000 US$ 62,540 DETAILS
Service Coordinator sourcing, indoor sales, follow up MYR 60,000 US$ 16,470 DETAILS
Social Worker unemployed student currently working on my assoiciates US$ 48,000 DETAILS
Software Developer development, testing, maintenance, support GBP 80,000 US$ 123,440 DETAILS
Software Developer Software development for Linux, in C++ and Java. Design, architecture, development and testing of software. HRK 200,000 US$ 29,440 DETAILS
Software Engineer Write software in Java, POSTGRES Javascript Spring, Maven, github, Scala DKK 564,000 US$ 86,123 DETAILS
Special Education Teacher Special Education Teacher with technology backround US$ 56,000 DETAILS
Stock Broker In my work, I need to sell stock to investors and make money off their investments US$ 400,000 DETAILS
System Administrator Maintain system efficiency,Troubleshoot problems reported by users,Make recommendations for future upgrades.Maintain network and system security,Analyze and isolate issues. Evaluate and modify system's performance. Maintain integrity of the network, server deployment, and security.Ensure network connectivity throughout a company's LAN/WAN infrastructure is on par with technical considerations.Assign configuration of authentication,Maintain network ,Administer servers EGP 69,000 US$ 9,039 DETAILS
Tax Accountant tax manager who is awesome all the time AU$ 160,000 US$ 124,640 DETAILS
Teacher Teacher with a teaching experience of 22 years. CNY 68,000 US$ 10,866 DETAILS
Teacher teaching, research, elearning platform EUR 42,000 US$ 47,758 DETAILS
Teacher teach economic sociology business studies MUR 100,000 US$ 3,000 DETAILS
Teacher Primary School subject teacher of Social Studies. Teach between the ages of 7 to 11. BBD 31,200 US$ 15,600 DETAILS
Technical Manager Engineering and maths. Design. US$ 200,000 DETAILS
Technical Manager Lead System Engineering, coordination with electronics, firmware, software and mechanical designers and other side work with marketing and other stake holders INR 2,100,000 US$ 33,810 DETAILS
Technician test plan definition & maintenance SW verification manual testing RSD 217,000 US$ 2,035 DETAILS
Trainee Accountant Audit junior, main role is to assist audit seniors and managers on external audits. As well as perform testing on less complex areas of the audit GBP 16,000 US$ 24,688 DETAILS
University Professor research and teaching and administration and more research EUR 120,000 US$ 136,452 DETAILS
University Professor Assistant Research assistant professor. Research, teaching, grant writing, manuscript writing US$ 58,000 DETAILS
University Professor Assistant teach in the university perform EIA studies Supervise postgraduate students Perform and lead research projects EGP 120,000 US$ 15,720 DETAILS
Web Developer i can create websites softwares and point of sales PHP 150,000 US$ 3,390 DETAILS




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